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marcatplay online coming soon

marcatplay online coming soon

Look what is coming very soon


A series of 50 minute online professional development events called Play Bites. Each will explore a key idea in the context of play and playing from a multi-disciplinary aspect. Each gig will be live with an opportunity for Q & A and discussion


If we want to understand children we need to understand play, because it is the one behaviour they do more than any other with the exception of sleeping. The problem is that most of us tend to extend our knowledge on a topic from the perspective of our professional ‘box’. So, we miss stuff – really interesting stuff that comes from those in other boxes. So, prepare to have you box well and truly opened.


The gigs will take place online using a forum that is locked to ticket holders only and can be entered only with a pass key. A new events tab has been opened on the website where you will soon be able to find more details for each gig.


The gigs will be available at a mix of times and days so as to be accessible to people across time zones for an international audience. Each gig will also be repeated across a four-week schedule.

How much

The gigs will be priced in Australian dollars with tickets available via Facebook and Eventbrite. The price will be around $35 AUD per gig with an option for group bookings.

When does it start & can I help

The first set of six gigs will launch at the end of April 2020, and yes you can help!

Please share the news and details of the gigs as they are released. This is a new venture and I’m very excited by the possibilities in this. Being able to hold gigs with a mixed sector, multinational audience is beyond exciting. I hope you are all as excited as I am.

See you online soon.

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