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conference24 ticket page now closed!

conference24 ticket page now closed!

Sorry, but the ticket page for the 2024 National Play, Playing and Playwork Conference is now CLOSED!


Apologies if you missed out on a ticket for the one and only play and Playwork specific conference in Oz which will be held on Friday/Saturday/Sunday 8/9/10 March 2024 in Melbourne.


If you are booked in, watch your inbox for the full brochure with details of all session choices and more.


See you all in Melbourne!

Looking for Conference24 tickets? Here they are!

Find your tickets for the 2024 National Play, Playing & Playwork Conference here:



Marc Armitage is a consultant, researcher and writer in play, playing and playwork. He has been a profesional Playworker for a looooong time and  hass been freelance since 1989.

He regularly travels the world speaking to groups of professionals from a broad spectrum of work sectors in the children and young peoples workforce including playworkers, early educators, primary and secondary school teachers, out-of-school people, parks and playground designers, politicians, policy makers and many others.

He also spends a lot of time talking with children. With. That's the key word.



“Play is a thing by itself. The play-concept as such is of a higher order than is seriousness. For seriousness seeks to exclude play, whereas play can very well include seriousness.”

Johan Huizinga (1872-1945)



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