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Ticket page for the National Play, Playing & Playwork Conference 2024 now open!

Ticket page for the National Play, Playing & Playwork Conference 2024 now open!

It's here!

At last, tickets are available for Conference24 - the next instalment of the National Play, Playing and Playwork Conference for Australia. And this time it's even bigger than ever.

Join us in Melbourne on Friday 8, Saturday 9, and Sunday 10 March 2024. 

Three Days

A common theme in post-conference evaluations for our previous gigs has been that people want more - more choice, more keynotes, more networking, more days.

So, for the first time the conference will be for three rather than two days. You asked for it so that's what you are getting.

We are returning to the Melbourne Conference and Convention Centre again (for the third time) and have been guaranteed glorious weather.* An extra day means that we can provide one-third more breakout sessions than ever and double the number of home-grown and international keynote speakers.

* I made this bit up.


Tickets cost $825 pp for everything! That's just $15 per day more than the last national conference, although we are running for three days this time, remember. That's still makes us the cheapest of the national conferences around.

That's deliberate because it's also what you asked for. 


To book your tickets, head over to [here] and complete the booking form. An invoice will then sent to you. Plesse note, the ption to pay via installments has now ended.

Let's see who signs up first: will it be you?

Social Media and Sharing

To keep up with the latest news, please follow on the conference social media platforms on facebook and instagram. And watch out for Marc's regular 'Conference News in 100 seconds' video clips.

This is largely a networking event, remember. YOU are a big part of this project, so please like, share and comment the news on social media. We need you! 

Remember to use the hashtag #OzPlay24

Ok - ready? Let's go!

I dont know about you, but I am stupidly excited!



Looking for Conference24 tickets? Here they are!

Find your tickets for the 2024 National Play, Playing & Playwork Conference here:



Marc Armitage is a consultant, researcher and writer in play, playing and playwork. He has been a profesional Playworker for a looooong time and  hass been freelance since 1989.

He regularly travels the world speaking to groups of professionals from a broad spectrum of work sectors in the children and young peoples workforce including playworkers, early educators, primary and secondary school teachers, out-of-school people, parks and playground designers, politicians, policy makers and many others.

He also spends a lot of time talking with children. With. That's the key word.



“Play is a thing by itself. The play-concept as such is of a higher order than is seriousness. For seriousness seeks to exclude play, whereas play can very well include seriousness.”

Johan Huizinga (1872-1945)



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