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Last Gigs of 2022

Last Gigs of 2022

Will you be joining me for the last gigs of 2022?

After almost three months of unexpected sick leave, I am all up and ready for the final leg of this year's Touring.

Tasmania is first with a few gigs in Queensland to follow and that's about it for the year.

It's been an odd one - it started off with a whimper rather than a bang as newly imposed covid rules and travel restrictions in Victoria and South Australia meant a rapid change of scheduling; and plans for Western Australia ground to a halt as I became ill. But despite that, I have still done more gigs this year then in the last three combined - maybe a little too many, in fact.

So, as well as these last few gigs of 2022 there needs to be some catch up early next year. Plans for that are underway as we speak.

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