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Come and get your PRE-RECORDED, ON-DEMAND, ON-LINE gigs here!

Come and get your PRE-RECORDED, ON-DEMAND, ON-LINE gigs here!

Whoa there! 

These pre-recorded, on-demand, on-line gigs are still available until 28 February 2023.

Here you go ... seven of last years online gigs plus two BRAND NEW ones available for your viewing pleasure.

These 50-60 minute #playbite gigs are a mix of play theory, play practice and play ideas presented in a very informal style as though they were face to face gigs.

They are available to watch anytime between now and 28 February 2023 and cost either $20 or $30* Australian per gig. 

Thats the same as   $13.60 USD    $18.50 CAD    £11.25 GBP    €12.75 EURO.

So, here you go - choose one, many or all! and hit the links to go to the ticket pages.


More details on the content of each gig in the links.


$20 Loose Parts Theory part 1: The Ugly Side of Loose Parts

$20 Loose Parts Theory part 2: Children Need Caves

$30 Loose Parts Theory part 3: Loose Parts and the Dump

$30 Play Frames Plus: the ebb and flow of play

$20 How to Provide for: Moving Play

$20 How to provide for: Sitting Play

$20 It Starts with a Nursery Rhyme

$20 From Space Hero to Pop Star: what makes pretend play work




Moniqui says:
Having just completed the trilogy, I’ve gained so much from these gigs! Thank you so much for making these available, they’ve got me thinking about lots of things and sparking lots of reflection! Looking now for the surprise part 4 of the trilogy to complete to continue to build more knowledge. Thanks again!
marc says:
Thank you for your comment Moniqui - I'm so pleased to hear that they have been useful to you. Marc
Georgie Pascoe says:
I would like to do the Places of mystery: places of imagination but there is no link to book it? is it available?